Saturday, 7 March 2009

O.K. so far ..

All O.K. on this one .. advts still ticking along nicely and very appropriately .. Not much cash yet .. but hey .. how long has it been going ? What have I said ? What interest is generated ? How many links or back links are there ? Is it registered ?(no) etc etc ..
As for the karma .. well that may improve in proportion to my non-attachment to the results I suppose ..

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


Blogvertise is another interesting departure .. see what happens with them after signing up ?

Monday, 2 March 2009

Niche Market.

Well, according to my fellow cash blogger at this site (see link on side bar) I need a niche market .. i.e. something that does not have too many entries on Google and therefore, though it won't be a big cash generator, it will be easier to get up the rankings over less time.
One of my interests and something I use regularly is Binaural beats, so I've decided to have a go at that ... here . Of course being an interest, it should make it easier to write about.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Getting rolling.

Well I have set up another couple of blogs called Fish4Money and Shoot4Cash .. I have enabled Adsense on those but with less successful results than on this one .. One of them has an ad for adult blogs and free flirting which I'm not so happy about and most of the ads seem to be at the end of the posts which is not so good for longer entries which may tend not to get read.
Perhaps a mention of SEO and PPC might help ?
I have a load of stuff to look into and bits and pieces to read as well as restraining myself from clicking on an ad just out of curiosity (as this is against the rules) but I did see somewhere on Google's Adsense pages a facility to do this without creating "false" clicks ...
Anyway .. it's a start ...

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Bingo !

Well, I just did it on here too .. Immediate result again. Better start learning more about driving traffic then ..


Well, it certainly seems I can do this same thing on my other blogs ... I just went to my old blog "Sufistuff" and did it through the Blogger "Monetise" link. It was immediate and easy .. only requiring that I gave an access permission from my Google account ..
Maybe it was immediate because I have had the site for ages and of course Google had crawled it (at one time I was about number twenty five in the search results for "Sufism" ... ) or maybe it was because it was done by the Blogger link .. Whichever way, it was a lot easier ..
And .. it seems to prove that I can have lots of blogs with adverts on them ..
Perhaps I should just start making some more right away ?
First to look at a couple of fishing blogs !


Well, it seems like Google have accepted the application. I've done most of what they said, though I couldn't find any available custom channels to choose from .. maybe that comes later ?
I've copied and pasted their HTML code in though nothing's appeared yet .. they say to be patient (in my case where Google probably hasn't crawled the site yet, up to 48 hours) .. or maybe I just put it in the wrong place ? I think I have put it to appear under the profile. We'll see.